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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  October 27, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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hasn't been done since the '60s. a superstorm threat it can livelihood of 60 million -- threatening the livelihood of 60 million people. it will make hurricane sandy turn into frankenstorm. a day of action just tendy days before the election what people are edge couraging voters to do. and good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. >> that is it! giants take a three games to nothing lead. >> the giants are now one win away from winning their second world series in three years and they're doing it on the strength of their pitching. the giants shut out the tigers for the second straight game and cbs 5's sports director dennis o'donnell is here with highlights and we have highlights tonight. >> the series is beginning to reach historical proportions ann. it really is incredible no team in the history of the world series has ever come back from a 3-0 deficit. tonight the giants have great odds on their side. new park same result for the giants who are a juggernaut
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right now. scoreless in the 2nd inning, gregory blanco at the base of the wall. that's a triple. hunter pence trots in from third base and the giants have a 1-0 lead. tigers' starter anibal sanchez had a career earned run average against the giants under 2. but brandon crawford drives home blanco for a 2-0 lead as the shoddy tiger defense continues. same score 5th inning, miguel cabrera but ryan vogelsong gets him to tie up -- pop up ending the threat. the giants become the first team since the 1966 orioles to pitch back-to-back shutouts in the world series 2-0 is the final. and we're joined now by vern glenn in detroit and the tigers were hoping that some home cooking might be the recipe to getting back into the series but the team is as cold as the weather wear thinking in tonight. what's the -- they were playing
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in tonight. what's the issue? >> reporter: i can ditto on the weather. it was eerie. it was absolutely silent when the last out hit the glove. the only thing that we could hear was a couple of whoop whoops out of the giants' clubhouse. as we go into the giants' clubhouse we detected a quiet confidence headed into tomorrow. >> i definitely wasn't happy with walking you know. i think i balked four -- walked four. but i wasn't happy about that. it's my first world series and i've been waiting for this since i was 5 years old and i was not going to two down without sight. >> can you smell it and taste it? >> we up 3-0. we antisleeping on nobody. but it's definitely -- ain't sleeping on nobody. but it's definitely within reach. we're in a position we believed we should be all year long. we have one more game to win. i mean -- we're up 3-0. pretty
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sweet. >> there's no -- secret formula or message for them. you know. they're big guys they know what the situation is. and they know we have to come out tomorrow and obviously win a game. i think et starts with that. you know you don't think about the pour, you think about one what that's what we were thinking tonight. >> you have to kind of catch lightning in a bottle to make it this far and accomplish what we did. i got that quote from the lightning in a bottle actually. and you know we've been hot at the right time and it does seem to feel like we find a way the get it done one way or another. >> reporter: all right, dennis as we go back to you in studio. it seems like this is a team that's destined not to be stopped and you had talked about the unbelievable stat and these world series runs when a team has led 3-0. only two teams down 3-0 have even come back to even win a game. so -- the odds are certainly in the giants' favor and we'll come back in a few minutes with sports. >> big daddy cain on the hill, that series could end in
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detroit. you know as a giants' fan -- we're used to torture. and this has been -- i don't want to say too easy but it's been just exciting. >> some people felt the giants with their backs not bag against the wall in three -- backs against the wall in three series, how would they do? it's overwhelming and they have set town one of the -- shut down one of the best offenses in baseball. well fans are glad they flew some 2,000-miles to watch the boys if plaque and orange win game -- in black and orange win game three. one fan even came from a different country. cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman with the giants' fandom in the motor city. you having fun? >> reporter: it's a ball here. how you -- i'm watching the giants win. i mean come on. but i was listening to vern talk about how quiet it was underneath the stands. i was in the stands and i was going to say the same thing. there's nothing more depressing
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than sitting with 40,000 people who had the wind knocked out of them. except for a few hundred fans who are san francisco giants' fans. >> best pitcher. >> reporter: this was a win for the giants and a giant win. >> i'm thinking a sweep. let's take care of this tomorrow night. get overt with. let's go home -- it over with. go home to san francisco and party. >> an easy sweep. >> they lost. >> they lost. >> they lost. it was embarrassing. >> reporter: not the kind of baseball weather giants fans are used to but a lead the games keeps them warm. not that the fans at no time make themselves at home -- didn't peak themselves at home -- make themselves at home anyway. in a sea of blue and orange comes a stripe of a different color. orange and block. i feel like i'm on second and king. nope, woodward ask adams, detroit, michigan. >> you came here if south carolina. >> we drove from minneapolis
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last night. >> from texas. >> minneapolis. >> detroit. >> reporter: all part of giant nation on tour. so far, the orange and blue aren't turning the orange and black black and blue. >> i got booed four times by the time i got off the airplane. but every person has been real friendly. booing me but friendly. >> reporter: giant nation making its presence known and the winner of the giant fan who has come the fart nest. >> i was born and raised in san francisco, california and now i work in afghanistan. >> reporter: is pria butler who works in afghanistan. >> reporter: then kandahar to tutu buy with a maul -- dubai with a small helicopter thrown in. >> reporter: she calls herself a fanatical giants fan. do you think? >> the weekend is going to cost me around $4,000. >> is it worth it? >> absolutely. 100%. sweep, twice that. >> reporter: all right, ann you
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gave me trouble at the earlier newscasts for talking sweep. she's sighing sweep. -- saying sweep. the giants fans here are saying sweep. i'm not saying anything but vern said only two teams in the history of baseball have ever won one game after being down 0- 3. so i'm not going to say it to get on your bad side but man it's looking good for the joints. >> thanks so much mike. we'll see you at 11:00 on cbs 5. turning now to the other fall contest, your california ballot once again includes a request for more money and tonight there's a growing push to get californians to support a tax hike. governor jerry brown spent this week campaigning nonstop for prop 30 which would raise the state income taxes on the rich to help save schools. today california democrats called voters and urging them to vote yes on prop 30 and no on prop 32.
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cbs 5 reporter talked to state democrats and republicans today and she's here with the story. >> reporter: ann, prop 30 and 32 are both in trouble. both below the 50% mark with prop 30 making a significant drop just days before the election. there's just ten days until election day. and support for governor jerry brown's tax increase proposition 30 is plunging. recent polls show only 46% now support it. a 9% drop over the past month. 42% are against it. the governor has been traveling throughout the state fighting for the ballot measure while volunteers held a phone bank with the california democratic party. >> may i speak to him? >> reporter: they called other registered democrats asking them to vote we. prop 30 raises income on the wealthy and hikes the state's income tax. >> if proposition doesn't pass, it will really have a devastating effect on education in california. >> reporter: one of the largest
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supporters. the california teachers' association. meanwhile the small business action committee raised more than $47 million to fight it. and rival proposition 38 would raise taxes for all californiaons with money going to schools. tom, chairman of the california republican party is confident 30 will fail. just like other proposed tax hikes before it. >> raising taxes even higher in california will drive away more jobs. and will collect less money over time if this passed than more. >> well, i think it's going to be a tough battle. the governor certainly is out there stumping for the measure. i think you're foining to start to see support climb. >> reporter: prop 32 meanwhile would ban unions from using payroll deducted funds for political purposes. the democrats were urging voters to vote no on that today and its approval currently is just 39%. ann? >> thank you so much. and we've just ten days before the election, the presidential candidates hit the battleground states today. president obama was in new
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hampshire which has only four electoral votes but with such a close race, those votes could make a difference. mitt romney was in florida which began early voting today and he held rallies in three florida cities telling supporters it's time for a change. >> the supporters of the president has this chant. i like ten more days better. ten moreties and you'll be step -- >> ten moredays and you'll be stepping into a voting booth. >> with hurricane sandy heading toward the east coast, both campaigns have been forced to change their travel schedule. romney scrapped a trip to virginia tomorrow. instead he'll head to ohio. the president pushed the trip to florida to sunday night to beat the storm. and speaking of hurricane sandy, it is now the second largest hurricane in the atlantic since hurricane lily in 1988. several governors along the east coast are declaring states
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of emergency and also usualing people to -- urging people to move inland. cbs reporter randall pinkston is on coney island with what people can do. >> reporter: there's no term as frankenstorm but that's what they're calling hurricane sandy. bad news for everien in its -- everybody in its path. crews along the east coast are boarding up businesses. and homes. >> put another one in there. >> reporter: the approaching storm is threatening some 60 million people. sandy's already kicking up rough surf and winds in north carolina. mandatory evacuation orders are in effect for some coastal communities in delaware and new jersey. >> heeding the warning and we're going and i'm hoping that i have a house when i come back. >> reporter: in atlantic city, officials ordered casinos to close sunday afternoon. sandy's storm surge could cause major flooding. >> we have the full moon in effect with multiple tide cycles and we're going to have to go through more than one
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high tide during this evict and that's just going to only pile up the water that much higher. >> reporter: here in new york city, transit officials are keeping an i potentially close eye on the path of the storm. the mayor and governor are considering shutting down the entire transit system to avoid flooding the trains. forecasters predict sanity could merge with -- sandy could merge with two other winter weather systems to become a superstorm bringing high winds, torrential rain and heavy snow to a third of the country. widespread power outages are another concern. crews from illinois are already en route to the east coast ready to help get it back on in hard hit areas. sandy may also put a damper on halloween plans. >> on wednesdays, they -- the least chance of rain and hopefully it will hold out and let them go trick-or-treating. >> reporter: now even if irene -- i'm sorry, even if sandy only hits land as a category 1,
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everyone remembers that last year irene was a relatively low strength storm but caused 15 billion dollars in damages. reporting live, i'm randall pinkston, back to you ann. the water is back on but the people living on treasure island can't use it. what left them without water for nearly 12 hours and what they have to do now to keep from getting sick. >> did somebody mention water? well, by now i'm certain you've heard rain is in the halloween forecast. we fired up the live top top. the tea you -- doppler radar. the day you should anticipate the rain to begin, as eyewitness news continues on cbs 5.
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magnitude quake struck can's western coast about two hous ago. s time there are no a 7.7 quake struck canada's western coast about two hours ago. at this time there are no immediate reports of casualties or damage. but a tsunami warning is in effect for the coastal areas of british columbia, alaska and the northern tip of vancouver. no warnings for the westernitis have been issued. well, people who live on treasure island have running water again today but they can't use it right out of the tap. a water main broke yesterday evening cutting off water to the entire island. and as cbs 5 reporter anne makovec shows us people are being told to boil the water even though it's back on. >> this water situation has really inconvenienced us. >> reporter: this water main split open near the entrance to treasure island at around 5:00 friday evening. it's the only source of water to the 2,000 people who live here. the san francisco public
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utilities commission plugged the hole, but the water was out for 12 hours. >> we go to the tub and there's no water. >> i went to sleep with makeup on. >> reporter: the water came back on saturday morning. >> it was discolored and it smells off. >> reporter: a boil water order is now in effect because the city doesn't know if the water is safe to drink. >> we'll do sampling throughout the system of bacteriology to make sure that water is safe to drink. that process takes about 48 hours. >> reporter: people who live here say utility issues are common, the infrastructure is old, much of it from the 1930s including this pipe. the puc says it can't upgrade things until the property is officially transferred to the city from the navy which still owns this land. it's been an ongoing issue and that lack of accountability has neighbors concerned. >> given the fact that our ground is subject to liquefaction, given the fact that no one is as far as i know
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maintaining them properly. >> you're the person that people turn to when things like this happen. >> yes it is frustrating knowing you have to operate from that -- you know you're not able to really manage completely because you don't own it. >> reporter: the earliest the water will be deemed safe to drink a monday afternoon. on treasure island, anne makovec, cbs 5. from water out of the tap to water falling from the rain clouds. and right in time for halloween. we have a wet forecast. >> it's really hard the imagine especially today when we have highs -- a good 11 degrees above normal for this time of year. in fact 84 degrees in santa row sea. 11 degrees above average. clear skies in san jose right now. check if one out. -- this one out. where today's high was 76 there. i got to tell you everybody out in san francisco tonight. we have a 97% waxing moon, it's almost full. we've got the giants celebration. we have a lot of halloween people out there dressed in costume. tonight overnight into the 50s.
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meanwhile we do have an area of low pressure banging up against the pacific northwest. it's being diverted to the north off the hijack ridge of high pressure -- huge ridge of high pressure bringing us unseasonably dry conditions. and also unseasonably warm weather. now, here's how we stand as far as your low clouds and fog are concerned. that marine layer it's not existent through tomorrow. and then we twin to see a little hint of the return of the marine layer right there by this time tomorrow night. we'll wake up to cloudy skies by monday the that will end our offshore flow. tomorrow, even warmer than today. 60s at the beaches and 60s and 70s common around the peninsula. then we jump up into the low 80s around the santa clara valley. 79 degrees in san jose. up three degrees in comparison to today. a few more degrees of warming east of the bay and inrapid up to 85 and -- inland up to 85 in brentwood and 84 plaque hawk and in -- blackhawk and in pleasanton. highs in the 60s and 70s in the
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north bay. a good look at the extended forecast we to see the return of the on shore push on monday resulting in slightly cooler conditions. we do go down with our temperatures on tuesday. we introduce rain into the forecast either late tuesday night or early wednesday morning beginning in the north bay. across the central bay, by the evening commute. so yes, wet for halloween a chance of a lingering shower on thursday. meanwhile, tomorrow game four in detroit. it will be equally as cold if not even couple of degrees colder into the 40s when matt cain, yeah, big daddy takes the mound for the good guys at 5:00 p.m. eastern standard time. go giants. >> wow, no kidding. one more. one more. >> not too much. all right, lance armstrong's stripped of his cycling titles and now another blow. who's demanding he give back millions of dollars in cash. ,,,,
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be back. well, back when he was the terminator he promised he would be back. well, now arnold schwarzenegger is reprising his 1980s role as conan the barbarian for the upcoming sequel "the legend of
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conan." he loves that character and he's honored to be playing him again. as many as the latest movie -- this is the latest movie he is starring in after 2011 and leaving the office. new fallout from lance armstrong's doping scandal. a company that once paid armstrong millions for winning the tour de france is now demanding he return the prize money. dallas based sca promotions is reportedly asking armstrong to pay back up to $12 million after having his seven titles revoked. he was stripped of the titles two weeks ago following a report showing he used performance-enhancing drugs. put the champagne on ice. the giants are thirsty. no one is hotter than the giants' pitchers, no one is colder than the tigers' hitters, we're next.
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oval office has a team pitcd
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back-to-back shutouts in the world series.. not since lyndon johnson was in the oval office has a team pitched back-to-back shutouts in the world series. two on, one out. prince fielder at the plate. vogelsong gets prince to roll over scutaro. crawford, bell. that's a double play. giants get out of the 1st unscathed. in the 2nd blanco he got him in. deep drive to the gap in right center field. hits the base of the wall and blanco on third standing with an rbi tripling and giants up after -- triple and giants up 2- 0 after two. but, vogelsong got berry and then cabrera the triple crown winner popped it up. crawford puts it away to end the threat. tim lincecum out in the pen in relief of vogelsong just filthy. one of the three strikeouts in two and third innings of work. unhittable right now is timmy. let's go to the 9th. sergio romo in to close it out.
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the giants take became three 2- 0 and vern glenn is live on the scene in detroit. vern, the tigers' offense so feared coming into the series has been completely silenced. cabrera and fielder, 3-19 as a team they're hitting .165. >> reporter: the reason has been pitching and defense and timely hitting by the giants as just they're surging with confidence now as we go to the clubhouse. >> you know scutaro is over your shoulder yelling not yet, not yet. but it's human nature. >> i think we do a good job of taking it one game at a game. we have a pretty good relaxes clubhouse and even though we're up 3-0 we're going to take it like it's tied up. >> we've been shutout for 18 innings so that's pretty hard to win a game. >> from the 2000 stint it was -- you know obviously i knew my role there. and i was starting. but you know in the second week we got that ring it was like that taste for the next ring is
10:27 pm
-- it's just sitting around in your mouth the whole time. that sounds terrible. [ laughter ] let me rephrase that. >> reporter: all right, well, we'll get on the rain gear tomorrow dennis because it's game four with big daddy cain on the mound to try to close it out. >> scherzer is a big strikeout guy. who do you like in the game in cain or scherzer vern? >> reporter: i think it's the wave of momentum is just too much for the giants. dennis, only two teams that have been down 3-0 even come back to even win one game. odds in the favor of the giants. >> you're right it's a freight train. i'm looking at tomorrow to end that thing in detroit. >> i'm going to be on that train. the does it for eyewitness news at 10:00. we'll see you on eyewitness news at 11:00. good night. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] i stick it in the recycling bin it can turn into something new.
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